Purpose:  The purpose of the San Antonio Junior Golf Foundation is to provide a drug free, an anti-bullying and fun Jr. golf program.  SAJGF  provides access for the economically disadvantaged youth, minorities, and youth with disabilities, to golf courses, golf equipment, and the opportunity to learn and grow through the game of golf.  If we could just get one kid off the streets and onto the golf course, I think we have done a great job.



Mission Statement:  The mission of the San Antonio Junior Golf Foundation is to build a

drug free golf program that promotes good sportsmanship, independence, social skills and

positive self esteem for all youth.  The SAJGF plans to provide the economically

disadvantaged youth minorities and youth with disabilities the facility and equipment

needed to learn the game of golf. One of our goals is to help the kids continue their

education, by helping them get golf scholarships to College.  Teach them how to give back to their community.  This environment will be conducive to learning and preserving the time honored traditions and integrity of the game of golf.  


Vision:  The envision of the San Antonio Junior Golf Foundation centers around the children and community. We envision the SAJGF  to be a source for continuing education,  mentoring programs and scholarships for college in golf. The SAJGF will provide an environment where a Junior golfer, male or female ages 5-19 can enjoy golf and progress at his/her own rate/level from the beginner to a proficient level. We also in vision operating from our own facility within the community, which would provide access for all children golfers, teaching, practice, and play, as well as serve as permanent headquarters for our staff.  


Benefits for the Learning The Game Of Golf

1)Life Lessons: Goal setting.  Self-Discipline. Perseverance. Honesty. Sportsmanship.

2)Science:  Physics of Golf. Ecology & Environment. Weather and Lightning.

3)Math:  Yardage.  Scorecard Math.

4)History:  Geography of Scotland.  African Americans in Golf.  Women in the LPGA

5)Safety:  First Aid.  Swinging the Golf Club

6)Health and Fitness:  Nutrition.  Stretches.  Mental Attitude.

7)Manners:  Socializing.  Dress

8)Continuing Education:  Scholarships for College. Networking.

9)Careers in Golf:  Professional Player.  Caddie.  Manage a Golf Course.

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