Alamo City Golf Trail


    The San Antonio Junior Golf Foundation is very grateful for the help and support of the ACGT's Management and staff.  We are proud to call the RiverSide Golf Course our new home.  For the past 2 years they have supported our program and efforts in giving back to the community.   


The Village Foundation


 The Village Foundation, LJP is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that supports the development of positive relationships, academic rigor, educational relevancy, personal responsibility, and mutual respect evidenced by scholarly success for students, their families, and communities.  The Village Foundation is committed to high academic achievement for all students at all levels-pre-kindergarten through college.   Their goal is to close the gaps i opportunity and achievement that relegate far too many young people-especially those from low-income families or who are from minority  ethnic groups, and other students with poor and harsh family and home environments-to live on the margins of the American mainstream.  The Village Foundation will encourage, support, and prepare students to navigate the college planning processs by fully explaining the four componets of a scccessful college-bound plan:  K-12 academic achievemnet, extracurricular activity involvement, the development of personal qualities, and  how to overcome the negative stereotypes such as race, gender, socioeconomic background, and secondary school attended.


Valley View Golf Club

The members of Valley View Golf Club soon began to introduce and promote golfing to minority youth in the Southern Nevada Community. Our club has recognized the following individuals as a partial list of the Valley View Golf Club FOUNDERS: Felbert Cobbs, Uvalde Caperton, Johnus Geran, Jimmy Bell, Sr., Dr. Garnet Ice, Henry Moore, Willie Hughes, Jim Robertson, R.J. Robinson, Marshall Brunch, A.T. McCoy, and Jimmy Gay. The first President of Valley View was Mr. Felbert Cobbs. Our Founders had the incredible foresight to promptly affiliate with the Western States Golf Association (WSGA) , Harold McDonald, Lee Daniels, and Johnny Griffin. It is interesting to note that several of Valley View Founders and early members were leaders in the struggle to break the chains of discrimination in our community. There was a realization from our Founders and early members that people of color must build coalitions in order to mobilize power to shape the forces that control their lives and destiny. They sincerely believed there was no limit to the good that they could accomplish collectively. 



West Texas State Amateur Golf Association


                The SAJGF is affiliated with the Texas State Amateur Golf Association.  4 Junior golfers from the SAJGF, 2 Boys and 2 girls were invited to play in the Inner City Golf Tournament at Jimmy Clay Golf course in Austin, Texas on August 17,2003.  The boys won 1st and 2nd places, the girls 1st and 3rd places. The Texas State Amateur Golf Association (TSAGA) has served the African American golf community of Texas for over 60 years.   The TSAGA  is 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization, which is ran by golfers with the purpose of introducing youth, women, and disadvantage youth to the game of golf.  The TSAGA has 13 chapters thought out Texas, which each chapter hosts a Golf Tournament to raise funds for youth, women and disadvantage youth.      


Afro American


The History of African American's in Golf is a strange and winding tale of racism, discrimination and segregation.  Golf has always had an air of mystique and the general population's perception saw it as the game of the rich and famous.  Well, African Americans have excelled in every aspect of life and of course golf is no exception, but the institutional segregation of courses, associations and country clubs made it impossible for African Americans to display their talents and just as important to earn a living. Until resent history African Americans were stuck in the roles of caddies and country club staff. Oh, but times are a changing………

Bill Dickey Junior Invitational


    One of the greatest challenges facing America today is preparing our youth for the future...reaching them; empowering them and inspiring them to make goals and realize their potential to achieve..  This challenge has never been greater.  Thus, the opportunity never brighter for the National Minority Junior Golf Scholarship Association to impact the lives of young men and women throughout the United States. 

    The mission of the National Minority Junior Golf Scholarship Association is  to increase the participation of minority youngsters in the sport of golf as well as provide financial assistance in education and opportunity.


The National Minority Golf Foundation


To positively impact the golf industry by developing and supporting programs that create and promote opportunities for minorities in all

aspects of golf.   You don’t have to be a professional golfer to work in the golf industry. From golf professionals and golf course superintendents to sports writers and tournament directors, there are lots of fun, rewarding careers and internships to suit young people of all backgrounds and experience levels.

The NMGF exists to help the golf industry achieve its goal of diversity in employment at all levels. By showcasing opportunities for minority golfers and those simply interested in golf to shine, the NMGF plants the seeds for a lifelong love of the game. To some, passion and talent for golf can mean college scholarships. Others may build their careers around networking opportunities the game offers. Still others may launch their careers through internships or full-time positions with industry giants like the PGA TOUR.
Golf can open doors to an exciting future. Come in and take a look...

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