San Antonio's Junior Golf Foundation

CEO & Coach,

     The information, the statistics, are clear. Our children are already being given the opportunity to join other groups. Groups that already have a base in their communities. Who are they? They're called gangs. They are ready to teach our kids about drugs, guns, violence, and even prostitution. They'll even teach these kids, our kids, How to talk the language, and dress the part. These kids will learn compromise, not homework. They'll learn how to disrespect their parents and teachers, not to immulate them.


     You've got to ask yourself, how many of those kids really had a chance to find something better? Was there a program that could have helped them? Surely the many government agencies that are around could have stepped in to help them before they got into trouble. In short they'll be lost unless we can implement a plan to help them... We've got a plan... The San Antonio Junior Golf Foundation had a Vision back in the year 2000. (The envision of the San Antonio Junior Golf Foundation centers around the children and community. We envision the SAJGF to be a source for continuing education, mentoring programs and scholarships for college in golf.


       My name is Larry Whitfield and I am the Founder, CEO, the head Coach of the SAJGF.   I'm a Master Certified Golf Teaching Professional with the United States Golf Teachers Federation "Leader in the Field of Golf Instruction."   From the year of 2008 to present, I've work with St. Philips College as their  as a golf consultant and golf coach for their annual golf tournament fundraiser.   From the year 2011 to present I've  worked with the Ella Austin Community Center by putting together a Summer Golf Program for the inner city kids. 

      One of my former golf students is the head golf coach at Sam Houston High School , LyRon Henderson.  Another former golf student  is the Manager at one of the Alamo Trails Golf Course "Riverside Golf Course" , Jesus Mendez.    

        SAJGF has a rich history of having youth excel and become great leaders in the community, not just golf.  Please consider becoming a partner in these life investments through your support.

Our Philosophy

     Golf makes a difference in the lives of the youth and it provides them a constructive avenue to become productive citizens. 

     It is a change agent that exposes youth to a new world, new hopes, new dreams, and new opportunities.

Our History

     SAJGF was birth by the desire to provide a sport outside of baseball, basketball, football, etc.

     This is a sport that I fell in love with 21 years ago and desire to share my love of the game with any youth that has a desire to learn and a need for a great investment in life.  Please see the history page for more info.

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